Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question about our program that has not been covered below, please feel free to contact us via phone 713.819.3216, or Contact form.

General FAQs

YES! With the impending closure of the Jones Road location, Genesis Reading is excited to offer the same licensed proprietary curriculum.

If your child can sit and listen for 10-15 minutes, they are ready.  They do not need to know letters or sounds for the Head Start to Reading class because all of our learning is based on looking at words as a whole.

Classes are designed with 4-5 yr olds in mind.  The class involves activities to stimulate the learning mind at this stage of development.  Classes are also structured with the attention span of a 4-5 yr old.

In order to maximize our personnel and resources, Genesis Reading feels the need to implement a minimum number of students per class.  There will always be an option to take My Route To Reading for individual instruction.

There is technically no homework for the class.  Having said that, to maximize your child’s learning potential, home reinforcement is highly recommended.  While your child will grow through the class, they will soar if the concepts are practiced at home.  We want your child to be successful and we feel that parental involvement is a huge benefit to his/her growth.

Class FAQs

Make-up classes are available if your child is unable to attend a class; however, make-ups must be scheduled during the same teaching week of the class that is missed. Please contact us to see what class times are available for make-ups.

Most classes are designed for 8 students, but some are designed for 6.  There are individual classes that are shorter in length if you are busy and the normal class schedule does not fit your schedule.

No, just like school, the class is designed for parents to drop off their child and pick up when class is over. Please do so promptly.

Classes are designed with 4 and 5 year olds in mind, so everything we do is activity based!  Paper/pencil activities are rare.  Class times are only 55 minutes long to fit most children’s attention spans.  We usually start our class time with a short table top activity until everyone arrives.  We then move to the floor for 10-15 minutes to learn our new words.  Next we go to the table to do a short learning activity such as making a book with our new words or playing a game to practice our words.  At the end of our session we go back to the floor to review what we learned and play another learning game!

Registration FAQs

Registration is on a first come first serve basis.  Once Genesis Reading has received your registration, you will receive a notification of the class you signed up for.  This is not only to make sure you have registered for the right class, but to ensure we have a spot in the class for your child.

No, payment is due upon completing registration.  Genesis Reading will confirm your registration via email and let you know that you have a spot in class.  Once class minimums(50% enrollment) are filled then you will be invoiced for payment via email.  Please see “Payment Options” FAQ for more information.

We accept cash, check and credit cards through different sources.  More details will be on the invoice you receive after you have registered and class minimums have been met.

Check – $35 in the event of a returned check

No payment is due upon completing registration.  Genesis Reading will confirm your registration and let you know that you have a spot in class.  Once class minimums (50% enrollment) are filled then you will be invoiced for payment.

Once you have registered for the class, your $15 registration fee will not be refunded.  If you decide to cancel before the 1st scheduled class, any monies payed will be refunded less the $15 registration fee.  If you choose to drop the class after the 1st scheduled class, you will be refunded any monies less the $15 registration fee + $60.  Once the 2nd scheduled class has met there will be no refunds.