I have always had a passion for teaching and my heart lies in reading.  After my daughter completed the entire Head Start to Reading program in 2015, I was amazed with the results.  My son followed suit with one on one instruction through My Route to Reading.  I was encouraged by his growth as well, and upon inquiring about continuing lessons, Mrs. Miller shared the sad news that Head Start to Reading would be closing its doors.  Once I got over the shock of losing such a valuable program that helped my children so much, Mrs. Miller shared some incredible news with me.  Mrs. Miller knew how much I understood her methods and how I worked with my children to facilitate her program at home.  In her own words she told me “You get it!” She felt I would be a perfect fit to continue the legacy of Head Start to Reading.  Thus Genesis Reading was formed.  It has been a dream come true to teach again, especially in my field of specialization.  I am excited beyond belief to bring such a successful program to my community and help create countless new readers!